About Us

At Tyre Care quality is uncompromised and delivery on time is what we strive for.

  • History

    We have been in rubber business since 2 decades and that experience gives us a competitive edge, allowing us to use best quality raw material in an unbeatable price.

  • Approach

    Our approach is highly process driven and we take pride in that. Our process is as follows:

    Initial Inspection –>  Buffing –> Rasping –> Building –> Curing –> Final Inspection

  • Culture

    At TyreCare our friendly staffs and a cheerful work culture makes it breeze for us to stay on our commitment even when pressure is high. Yes it does help to have state-of-the-art equipments but its actually the people who make it work.

It’s not by coincidence that we are into Tyre Retreading but by choice and experience of two decades as suppliers of quality raw materials. It was seen that the current scenario of retreading involved retreading in substandard materials, not providing the consumers the best quality money can buy.

Tyre Care understands your needs and deliver the quality you expect.

Our tie-ups with major retreading material suppliers like MIDAS and TEESON have enabled us to provide the best quality service in terms of mileage as well as on updating our technological and skill aspects at par with the international market.

We use quality raw materials and latest technology for better results and security. Our staffs are trained to handle complex of the issues and are regularly upgraded to use of latest available tools and machinery.

At Tyre Care quality is uncompromised and delivery on time is what we strive for.

Tyre Care commenced its operations on November 2011 and has gained a significant market share with the professional attitude the company strives for . We have come a long way in inculcating the discipline of profit through cost per kilometer analysis and are striving to achieve the best in the market. Tyre Care has also tried to increase the sizes of tyres it retreads both in the conventional (HOT) as well as precured segment(COLD). We cater tyres ranging from autos to excavators.